Wednesday, February 8, 2017

40 Suggestions for "Best Lent Ever" Part Two

Here is part two of my 40 suggestions for "the best Lent ever."

21.  Read one of the four Gospels from beginning to end.  Takes about 3 hours, or maybe 30 minutes a week for six weeks.
22.  Think about a habit that is keeping you from being whom God is calling you to be.  Consciously give up that habit for Lent.
23.  Lent started as a time of preparation for people who were preparing for baptism and sacraments at Easter.  Pray for the parish's catechumens and candidates for full initiation.  Pray for the 2nd graders who will be receiving First Holy Communion.
24.  Fast from drinking alcohol.  Give the money you save to Catholic Charities.
25.  One morning a week don't turn on the radio on your commute to work in your car.  Use the silence to reflect on God's creation around you, and the people you love.
26.  If you don't have one, make out your will.  Include that you wish to be buried with a funeral Mass in your parish.  Reflect on what you want people to say about you after your death.
27.  Look up information about your patron saint, or a saint you'd like to learn more about.  Ask for help from that saint.
28.  Tell a friend about Jesus, and how much you love him.
29.  Give a compliment to a co-worker each day.
30.  Fast from anger and resentment.

31.  Write a letter to your congressperson about a political issue you are passionate about.
32.  Visit a local nursing home, and participate in one daily activity with the residents.  Smile at folks when you walk down the corridors.
33.  Go 20 minutes early to Sunday Mass, and spend the time reading the Scriptural readings, and thinking about them, for that day.  
34.  Forgive an enemy, without expectations of thanks.
35.  Review your charitable giving over the past year.  What percentage of your total income do you give away to church and charity?  Prayerfully consider whether you can increase your giving by 2%.
36.  Before shutting down your computer at the end of the work day, visit the online prayer website,  .
37.  Fast from pornography.
38.  List five things you are grateful for each day in Lent.
39.  OK, you can give up chocolate and sweets (or tobacco/smoking) for Lent.
40.  Lent begins on Ash Wednesday in the Roman Catholic tradition, and ends around noon on Holy Thursday.  This is actually 46 days.  Sundays are not counted as days of fasting or penance.  Use the six Sundays of Lent to avoid work, relax and spent time with family.

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